Frequently Asked


What’s included?

Everything! Apart from the liquor & mixers, which you’ll need to provide yourself, this is great news as you avoid costly mark up prices on alcohol. We arrive on site with fully qualified & trained bar staff, eskies, ice, bar stools for back bar, glassware (stemmed) all bar equipment necessary to serve delicious drinks to your guests and of course the very dapper, Henry Clive.

Do you decorate the caravan for the event?

Henry Clive comes with a few decorations, such as vases, drinks menu, candles etc. however we are happy to collaborate with you, your event planner or your florist to make sure Henry Clive is styled exactly how you’d like.

What drinks can you serve?

Bottled beer & cider, wine, champagne, all spirits & mixers, soft drinks & other non-alcoholic beverages. Want to wow your guests? We can also serve a max of two cocktails of your choice from the Henry Clive cocktail list, which can be provided on request (please note, if you do wish to include cocktails in your package, we may require extra bar staff to ensure smooth and efficient service delivery. Think Espresso Martinis, Margaritas, Whiskey Sours…

What glassware do you use?

You will love our glassware, with elegance & class in mind; we have selected only the finest glassware to serve your drinks in. Wine glasses and Champagne Flutes (with stem) Champagne Coupe, Old Fashioned, Martini & Highball glasses to serve your selected cocktails in.

Do you serve tap beer?

Not at this stage, however we are in the process of fitting Henry Clive out with a quality keg set up, so please watch this space.

How does the setup work?

We will arrive approximately two hours before the event to set up. We will require alcohol to be chilled before we arrive, we’ll then make sure your drinks are put on ice as soon as possible ensuring they’re icy cold by the time your guests arrive.



Do we require power onsite?

We do need access to power, however if power is not available on site we can organise a generator for you.

Can you serve coffee?

We certainly can, we have two barista trained crew members who love to get the coffee aromas flowing, ask about our coffee package when you book.

How do we know how much alcohol we need to purchase?

We know it can be quite daunting trying to estimate how much alcohol you will need to purchase for your event, so we have found a couple of great online tools to help you with this task, and we also offer our personal guidance in this area if needed. Just remember, it is better to have too much than too little!

Do you do the washing up?

We certainly do, we will collect, wash and polish the glasses throughout the night ensuring glassware does not run out.

Do you do table service?

We can do, however we may require extra bar staff to do so.

Do you sell liquor?

No, this is why drinks need to be provided by you, as we do not hold a liquor license.



What if we want to party on council grounds?

That’s absolutely fine! However you will need to obtain relevant permissions and permits from council, it’s very easy & we can help you with this process.

Where is Henry Clive based and is he prepared to travel?

He sure is, we love nothing more than visiting new places. We are based in Kiama however we’ll travel just about anywhere!

What kind of ingredients do you use in your cocktails?

We pride ourselves on our cocktails, and as such, we only use quality & fresh ingredients when mixing, shaking or building our cocktails to ensure your guests will be blown away from service right through to taste.

Can you pick up, store and chill the alcohol for us?

Why yes we can, we know how hard the logistics can be sometimes when there is lots to prepare, why not take the stress out of it, and let the Henry Clive Crew take care of it all for you! All you need to do is organise the pre-purchase of the alcohol with your selected supplier, tell us where to pick it up from and make sure the alcohol is paid for, and then we’ll do the rest! Including picking the alcohol up prior to your event (usually the day before), getting it chilled and ready to serve and bringing it with us on the day! This is our all-inclusive package, please inquire for cost.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes we do!


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